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SADC Madagascar: Press Statement of the Organ Troika

Madagascar: Press Statement of the Organ Troika

15 October 2011

1. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Ministerial Committee of the Organ (MCO) Troika fielded a mission to Madagascar from 13-14 October 2011. The purpose of the Mission to Madagascar was to hold discussions with the Malagasy political stakeholders and signatories to the Roadmap on the Implementation Framework for the Roadmap.

2. The mission was a continuation of the Organ Troika mandate to bring about a solution to the crisis in Madagascar and return the country to constitutional normalcy. The Organ Troika comprised representatives from the Republic of South Africa, Chair of the Organ Troika, the Republic of Zambia and the United Republic of Tanzania.

3. This is the second Mission of the Organ Troika to Madagascar following the monumental signing of the Roadmap on 16 September by ten (10) of the eleven (11)\ Malagasy political stakeholders. The Mission took place within the context of the Decisions of the SADC Summits held in Sandton, South Africa in June 2011 and Luanda, Angola in August 2011 respectively. These summits emphasized the urgent need to bring the country to constitutional normalcy.

4. Prior to the MCO Mission to Madagascar, the Defence, Police Chiefs and State Security Sub-Committees comprising of the Republic of South Africa as the Chair, the Republic of Zambia and the United Republic of Tanzania arrived in Madagascar on 11 October 2011 to engage their counterparts in the country. According to the sub-committees' Mission report the discussions were held in a cordial atmosphere characterized by robust and frank deliberations. Furthermore, it was reported to the MCO Troika that noticeable progress has been achieved. To this end, both parties have agreed to further engage on matters of mutual interest which would enhance the support implementation process of the Roadmap.

5. In this regard, the Organ Troika met with all the Malagasy stakeholders signatory to the Roadmap. Moreover, the Organ Troika also paid a courtesy call to the President of the High Transition Authority, the Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as meetings with the diplomatic corps and the representatives of the United Nations.

6. It is the Organ Troika's view that the discussions with the Malagasy Political stakeholders were conducted in a positive atmosphere which reaffirms the spirit in which the Roadmap was signed. We therefore thank all the political stakeholders and leaders as well as the people of Madagascar who have participated and supported this process to date. The Organ Troika furthermore urges all the Malagasy political stakeholders to continue to remain committed to the spirit and letter of the Roadmap.

The Organ Troika also urges those political stakeholders and in particular, the Ratsiraka Mouvance to support this process.

7. However, the process thus far has not been without its challenges. In this regard, the Organ Troika reiterates its concern on pronouncements made by some of the political actors in Madagascar prior to its arrival regarding the implementation process. These actions were intended to destabilize the country and derail the process. It created a climate of fear and confusion amongst the masses.

8. In taking this process forward, SADC Troika yet again, urges all political stakeholders in Madagascar and those in exile, to continue with their collective commitment to the Roadmap and are strongly urged to desist from taking unilateral actions and making pronouncements which could jeopardise the process ahead.

9. The Troika urges all Malagasy political stakeholders to abide by the Code of Ethics and good Electoral Conduct as provided for in paragraph 10 (C) of the Roadmap.

10. Today, all the political stakeholders reached another key milestone in this period of transition. Malagasy political stakeholders signed the Agreement on the Implementation Framework of the roadmap for ending the crisis in Madagascar. Key elements include the following:

1 November 2011 - Appointment of Prime Minister of Consensus
17 November 2011 - Appointment of members of the Transitional Government and Transitional Parliament
30 November - First Act of Parliament to Ratify the Roadmap
The Formation of a New National Independent Electoral Commission

SADC in consultation with the President of the Transitional Authority, will make an announcement of the process.

11. It is the hope and expectation of the Organ Troika that all Malagasy stakeholders will remain committed to, and abide by the principles of the Roadmap and that they will work assiduously to establish their institutions of transition reflecting the relevant provisions of the Roadmap.

12. Organ Troika encourages civil society to actively participate and continue to play a constructive role for the successful implementation of the Roadmap. We also encourage the media to responsibly disseminate all information relevant to the process. Troika therefore urges all the Malagasy stakeholders to work together and put the national interest of the whole country first, above the self interest of the individuals, and work towards reconciliation that will allow for a speedy return to constitutional normalcy.

13. SADC Organ Troika will continue to work with the International Community to support the aspirations of the Malagasy people in the process of returning the country to constitutional normalcy led by the SADC Mediation.

14. The Organ Troika will ensure that a SADC Liaison Office will be established by the first week of November to support the implementation process.

15. The Organ Troika will furthermore, establish a monitoring mechanism in collaboration with the Malagasy civil society to ensure that the transition process remains inclusive, consensual, credible, free and fair.

16. In conclusion, the Organ Troika and Mediation Team urge all Malagasy stakeholders to remain focused and committed to this process in returning the country to constitutional normalcy.

Issued by the Organ Troika Mission Antananarivo 14 October 2011

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Le GTT INTERNATIONAL, collectif de la diaspora malagasy, dont le siège est à Genève (CH), poursuit un double objectif: la restauration de l'Etat de droit et le rétablissement de la Démocratie à Madagascar. Il prône et oeuvre pour la liberté d'expression, la prise de conscience citoyenne et la mise en place d'une vraie démocratie dont l'exigence première est la tenue d'un processus électoral inclusif, libre et transparent ".