mardi 18 juin 2013

Lalao Ravalomanana et sa vision par reuters


Madame Ravalomanana, presidential candidate for the Mouvance in Madagascar, has given her first interview since the publication of her presidential pledge with the internationally recognised news agency Reuters. In the interview Lalao Ravalomanana spoke out about her vision for Madagascar and her motivations for running, refuting suggestions that she was running on behalf of her husband.

"I am my own person. I will be the president. It will be his turn to run the company," said Madame Ravalomanana, who managed Tiko when her husband was president and further repudiates the suggestion by stating: "it would be impossible for a married couple to run a country together."

She spoke about her dreams for Madagascar by relating: "as a woman, my aim is to give the Malagasy people the spiritual food they need since we are made of flesh, we must also talk of food for the body.' To achieve this Madame Ravalomanana counts on international help, explaining that "as soon as the foreigners see that there is peace, security, that we are making a difference, they will come back, their hearts are not made of stone."

As a practising Protestant Christian, faith guides a large part of her motivations. "This call came from God," she explains, "when you know how to work with the people, to share with them the fruits of growth, I know that there will be justice in this country." It is this trust in her people and her country, which also drives her presidential ambitions.

Editor's Note: 

Madame Lalao Ravalomanana is the Presidential Candidate for the Mouvance Ravalomanana, a growing coalition of political parties dedicated to bringing a secure, peaceful and prosperous future to Madagascar. For high resolution images free to download, visit the Mouvance Ravalomanana Flickr page: []
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  1. I like her way of thinkng, when she said that she doesn't depend on her husband for leading the country. She has her own conception and clue to lead the country . She focus on the improvement of the condition of needy people,which is very essential. At the same time she wants to develop the all country and its people.
    Madagascar needs a person like her to lead the country.Woman can do better than man if they have will. Anyway, the history have proven the ability of the women ; Madagascar was led by efficient queens from the early 19th century till colonial period.
    So Mrs Lalao Ravalomanana can lead the country better than anyone.

  2. Madagascar was led by efficient queens from the early 19th century till colonial period.Yes indeed but the Kings like Andriampoinimerina,Radama I and so on were appreciated by the people as well.Saying that X is better than Y leads to an extremism point of view.We should avoid such idea especially when we need to be elected by a population whom 50% of the components are male.


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